As provided in Act No. 3846, as amended (Radio Control Law), Commonwealth Act No. 146, as amended (Public Service Act), Executive Order No. 546, series of 1979, Executive Order No. 205, series of 1987 and Republic Act No. 7925 (Public Telecommunications Policy Act of 1995), the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) regulates the installation, operation and maintenance of radio stations both for private and public use; regulates and supervises the provision of public telecommunications services; manages the radio spectrum; and regulates and supervises radio and television broadcast stations, cable antenna television (CATV) & pay television systems.


Maintain a responsive regulatory environment for an effective telecommunications/ICT sector.


By 2025, the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) is a world class regulatory agency meeting the challenges of the digital world.


•Enforce and implement telecommunications laws and other pertinent laws, decrees, letters of instructions, and rules and regulations promulgated therewith, as well as policies and guidelines set by the Commission governing the installation and operation of all telecommunications services or stations and facilities, including radio and television broadcasting systems within the regional area;

•Upon authority of the Commission, conduct hearings for the grant of authorization to operate telecommunications public utilities or services and submit recommendation thereon to the Commission;

•Issue licenses and permits that may be specified;

•Attend to the inspection and field investigation of all telecommunications services or stations, including radio and television broadcasting system, and in the monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum;

•Issue and/or approve, through delegated authority, appointments of personnel below the rank of Division Chief, as well as requisitions and procurement of supplies, materials and equipment for the RO;

•Assist the Legal Branch in the conduct of administrative investigation against erring employees below the rank of the Assistant Regional Director of the RO;

•Conduct studies on telecommunications service requirement of the region and submit recommendation to the Commission;

•Collect, consolidate and update statistical data and other related information on telecommunications services or stations, including operational statistics, for periodic presentation and submission to the Commission;

•Maintain liaison and coordination work with the ROs or units of other agencies within the region, including the offices or units of local government;

•Administer oaths on matters generally involving the official business of the RO;

•Represent the Commission in conferences or meetings, whenever necessary, that may be held in the region; and,

•Coordinate enforcement activities with the military and the police for the effective implementation of telecommunications laws and regulations regarding stations or services whose operation affect the security of the State.