By adapting and embracing change, we can be resilient. Amidst this pandemic, the NTC-CAR is continuously committed  to deliver its services in an uninterrupted manner.  Thus, adjustments are necessary in order to provide these transactions.

  • Revision of Facility and Abiding with the Provided Protocols

The accommodation of clients is one at a time. The barrier was established to prevent the potential spread of the virus. These protective equipment was installed in the 2nd week of March.  

Washing of hands, as one of the precautionary measures must be observed in facilities. As a one of the protocols, every client must wash their hands before proceeding to their respective transactions. 

  • RLM Seminar is in action

Social distancing is strictly observed in every RLM seminar. Maximum of 10 audience per session is discern. Moreover, the schedule of seminar is from 9AM-11AM. The office can only execute seminars during morning since afternoon is allotted for disinfection period. 

  • Frontline Services are Fully-Operational

Since frontline services are fully operational with less man power, we ask for your patience and consideration for every transaction.